Creating a Digital Ecosystem for Academic Work

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  1. adam3smith says:

    A couple of things that may be useful to make that workflow a bit more flow-y, still:

    Zotero-Scrivener integration:

    DevonThink Zotero integration:

    Zotero-Wordpress integration:

    • Thanks for these. I will definitely take a look, though I’m trying not to do too much tinkering with ‘the system’ this summer & instead focus on the writing! Thanks again.

  2. Julie Danskin says:

    Hi Nick, this was so useful – thanks. I’m a big user of Scrivener but it’s impractical to keep large PDF documents there, and using folders in Finder inevitably means I lose track of some stuff, so I’ve downloaded a trial of Devonthink Pro Office after reading this – do you think that’s the best one to use? I was also wondering the best way to create searchable PDFs – I tend to just end up reading stuff on GoodReader, but it would be hugely useful to do this. Thanks again for this post!

  3. Mark says:

    I love how you had music playing when people were sitting down – classic!

  1. September 24, 2013

    […] introducing some tools that I find useful in my own academic workflow, I hoped to make the general point that using different applications to break up the messy, complex […]

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